I believe that we can make profound differences to our health with small changes we make in our food and lifestyle.

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), my passion is to help people look and feel better. Most of us are walking around tired with inflammation, pain, and allergies, without realizing the amount of toxins we are intaking in our food, environment, and even our homes. I want to help you clean out these toxins and replace them with real, whole nutrients while supporting the foundations of your health.

With an emphasis on bio-individuality, a concept that states that each person has unique food and lifestyle needs, we will take an individualistic approach focusing on the causes of your symptoms to balance and strengthen your everyday living. I specialize in digestion and stress management, and I believe that these are the core factors that influence all other aspects of our health.

I offer both over-the-phone and in-person (SF Bay Area only) consultations.

Some of the services I offer include:

  • An in-depth evaluation of your dietary and supplemental needs and changes through thorough investigation and comprehensive online questionnaire.
  • For in-person clients, a physical functional evaluation (FE). The FE is used to evaluate the body’s nutritional deficiencies and physical ailments or struggles by palpating and testing out reflex points, and looking at heart rate variability, blood pressure, and other physical indicators of the body.
  • Blood chemistry analysis to identify and assess major bodily functions and their imbalances. You may bring in your previous blood work, or have me order specific blood tests for you depending on your needs.
  • How to incorporate lifestyle changes, as well as food. We look at all areas of your life to figure out why you are experience digestive disorders, inflammation, and/or weight gain.
  • Recipe recommendations and email support between consultation sessions.

Ready to start working with me? Check out my offers below, then CONTACT ME to  book a session that fits your needs!

Are We the Right Fit- (2)This is an introductory phone meet-and-greet session to discuss your health concerns and your goals, to find out what areas I can help you with and if we’d be the right fit. It’s important for me to know some of your health history and background before we begin so I can be sure that I CAN help you reach your goals!

Are We the Right Fit- (1)This consultation is ideal for someone who is looking to address a current health concern, or for a client who is looking to optimize their health. Since every body is different, this consultation will be unique to each client while still honoring their bio-individuality, lifestyle, and food preferences. This consultation can be completed in person, on the phone or via Skype, and it includes a 90 minute consultation, real food education, supplement recommendations, and a follow-up report of findings and recommendations via email.

Are We the Right Fit- (3)**Please book this appointment only after completing the Initial Consultation.

During the follow-up consultation, we work together to continue working toward reaching optimal health through lifestyle and dietary changes. This consultation can be completed in person, on the phone, or via Skype. It includes a 30-45 minute consultation, real food education, supplement recommendations, and a follow up report of findings and recommendations via email.

Are We the Right Fit-**Please purchase only after completing the Initial Consultation.

You’ll be provided a code to use for booking 6 follow-up consultations after you purchase the package. They don’t need to be booked all at once. Depending on the client’s needs, a session might include a physical functional evaluation, a comprehensive blood panel reading, as well as real food education, supplement recommendations, and a follow up report of findings and recommendations via email. If you need additional support after the initial 6 sessions, you can purchase another 6 session package to continue your health journey!

Are We the Right Fit- (4)Do you need help figuring out what to buy when you go food shopping? What’s the best option? How do I save money while still eating healthy? We will meet at the store of your choice in San Francisco, Marin County, or East Bay, and I will guide you on how to navigate your way around the grocery store. We will begin by discussing your likes and dislikes, then spend the majority the time exploring the aisles of the grocery store together. During the tour, you’ll get real food education which will include how to read labels, ingredient analysis, and more.  After the tour is complete, you’ll feel empowered to make better choices at the store and know why you’re making them. 

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Are you more comfortable in a group setting? Check out my RESTART program to join a 5-week sugar detox class!