Photo Diary: Traveling in Asia with Food Allergies – Thailand

Hope you checked out Part 1 of my travels in Asia and what I ate in South Korea and Japan. This next post is all about my favorite destination of the trip: Thailand!


food allergies thailandThailand.. my happy place. This is the 2nd time I’ve been to Thailand and I love it so much. 2 years ago, I went to Chiang Mai with my mom, and this time C and I went to Bangkok and Phuket. While Bangkok was too busy and crowded for me, I absolutely loved the food. Since Thailand is quite hot and tropical, the food is usually fresh and local and absolutely delicious. Phuket is filled with beach towns and much more touristy, and because of this, the food is a bit overpriced and wasn’t as good. However, the beaches are absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous and I loved every minute of my time there.


Overall, I don’t usually have to worry about food allergies with traditional Thai foods, and even their noodles are made rice flour most of the time.

food allergies thailand^^Thailand has an abundance of fruits. I had more fruits here than I’ve had in a while. So refreshing in the sweltering heat!   

  food allergies thailand

food allergies thailand

food allergies thailand^^I’ve never seen such delicious and healthy array of street foods! It was so hard to decide what to eat, but I finally went for bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms.  

food allergies thailand^^I was so happy to find a local floating market. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and it’s just as charming and fun as I had imagined!

food allergies thailand^^Beautiful Bangkok temples at night. 

food allergies thailand

   food allergies thailand^^The vegetable side dishes at restaurants were consistently amazing. The combination of being perfectly cooked and being coated in delicious sauce made it so addicting. 

  food allergies thailand

   food allergies thailand^^I had to have Khao Soi while in Thailand. It’s actually a northern Thailand noodle stew dish so they weren’t easy to find in Bangkok, but I remembered having it all the time when I was in Chiang Mai. So happy we found a place where they served it!

food allergies thailand

food allergies thailand

food allergies thailand^^Mix-and-match sushi, which is just brilliant in my opinion 

   food allergies thailand

food allergies thailand^^These photos are from a weekend market in Phuket. There were rows and rows of street food carts with tons of variety. I was feeling adventurous this night and decided to go for a whole grilled squid dipped in spicy sauce. Cringe all you want, but it was soooooo good.

food allergies thailand

   food allergies thailand^^Exploring the Phang Nga and Phi Phi islands and their caves around Phuket was the best part of the trip. It was so so beautiful and breathtaking.  ^^We also had a few drinks while in Phuket. I think this was actually my first alcoholic drink in almost 2 months. I’m not much of a drinker anymore but the party vibes of Patong Beach totally got to me.

food allergies thailand^^The turquoise beaches are the best part of Phuket

food allergies thailand

food allergies thailand^^Our last meal in Phuket was a good one. Sushi, papaya salad, and drunken noodles with seafood.

food allergies thailand^^I think I had a papaya salad every day that I was in Thailand. It’s so good and super spicy. They are topped with crunchy peanuts which complement the spice so well.

food allergies thailand^^Another one of my favorites I enjoyed everyday was coconut water and flesh from the actual fruit. They are so refreshing on the beach!

And that’s it! These are only some of the thousands of the photos we took. It was hard to pick out which ones to post. I absolutely love Thailand and its food, and most dishes are gluten and dairy free so I had an easy breezy time finding things I can eat. I seriously hope to go back to Thailand in the next few years. That’s how much I loved it.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have about any of the destinations I’ve been to. I’m happy to answer them all! Overall, while traveling, I think it’s important to let go of control and not try to eat “perfect” the entire time. Stressing out about what to eat will be more detrimental to your health and enjoyment than just giving in and living in the moment.

food allergies thailand

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