Tomorrow is a New Day, New Year

Holy crappers, 2014 has been insane for me. I can’t believe the humongous changes that I went through in the past year. Literally life-changing changes. That’s redundant but I don’t care. I took a bold step of starting this blog, finished my certification to be a health coach, and most importantly, moved from NYC to California. Even just 2 years ago, I remember being completely satisfied with my life in Brooklyn and thinking that I would never ever move out of my hip little neighborhood and away from my amazing friends. And then I was like, “Screw this, I’m sick of being broke and cold so I’m moving to California!!” Somehow I convinced my boyfriend that this was a great idea and we packed up all our sh*t into a U-Haul trailer and drove for a week with our two dogs to the land of sun (and a ton of rain apparently) where I knew no one. If you told me that I would be doing this two years ago, I would think that you are smoking crack. But it happened. And I love it.

new day new yearI have a history of making abrupt, bold changes in my life and following my heart when I feel a strong passion for something, and I’m so grateful for this quality in me. I think it has led me to my happiness and contributed greatly to me learning and growing from my mistakes. It helps that I have amazing parents who believe in me and are so supportive with all my decisions even when I’m sure they worry that it might not work out.

My point is – and I do have one – even with all the support I had from my family, my boyfriend, and those around me, I was never without fear or uncertainty. I still struggle with this today as I continue to work toward my dreams, just like everyone else, but I have learned to approach each step with more confidence in myself. I talk so much about how we eat, how we sleep, and how we handle our stress, and all of these are important, but the number one thing that fuels our happiness and well-being is whether or not we are living the life we love. Everything else will fall into place if we have this down.

You can’t make healthy choices if you hate your job, are in an unhappy relationship, or in any situation that you are struggling with. What are you doing to change these negative aspects? Are you letting fear stop you from achieving the life you want? And sometimes, it’s not the situation that needs to change, it’s your perspective. Are you facing each day and those around you with gratitude and love? Or with fearanger, and cynicism?

When you come from a place of love, it can crowd out your fears and struggles you may be having about taking the next bold step. And when you give thanks everyday, you will find yourself at peace with your life, the people around you, and most importantly, yourself. When you start finding love for yourself and realizing that perfection is bullsh*t, that’s when you’ll realize making positive changes towards your health and happiness is easier than it has ever been.
new yearSo tomorrow’s a new day, even a new year! Are you ready to start making positive shifts toward the life you love? Can you look back on today on your deathbed (whoa, deep.) and be truly happy with what you have accomplished and the relationships you have? Between champagnes and celebrations, I hope you can take a moment to reflect on your present moment and set positive intentions for yourself with the mindset of approaching a new beginning. Happy New Year, everyone! Much love and gratitude to you all, and see you in 2015!!

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