Iced Matcha Bubble Tea


This homemade matcha bubble tea features chewy tapioca balls sweetened with brown sugar, topped with ice, your choice of milk, and whisked matcha. For an extra flair, add mango or strawberry puree! 


• Tapioca Pearls • Brown Sugar • Matcha Powder • Ice • Milk Optional • Strawberries • Mango • Sugar


Cook tapioca pearls until soft and chewy, drain and then stir in brown sugar until it dissolves and turns syrupy.

If using strawberry or mango purée, place the fruit in a high powered blender and blend until pureed but slightly chunky.

Next, whisk the matcha with hot water until foamy and the clumps are removed.

Divide the tapioca into two glasses, then add in the fruit purée and top with ice cubes. Pour in the milk and lastly the matcha.


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