Salmon Cakes


Delicious, flavorful, and easy salmon cakes that are crispy, juicy, and loved by both adults and kids! Made with healthy and simple ingredients, they are fantastic with homemade tartar sauce.


• Salmon Filets • Pork Panko • Mayonnaise • Lemon Juice • Dill • Dijon Mustard • Green Onions • Paprika • Avocado Oil • Sea Salt • Pepper • Homemade Tartar Sauce


Chop the salmon until finely diced, then mix with the panko, mayo, lemon juice, dijon mustard, green onions, and seasoning.

Shape the salmon mixture into patties about 1 inch thick, then roll in the pork panko mixture until covered on all sides.

Heat avocado oil and pan fry the salmon cakes on both sides until golden brown and crisp.

Serve warm with homemade tartar sauce. Click through for tartar sauce recipe.


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