Paleo Apple Cinnamon Bread

This delicious grain free and Paleo Apple Cinnamon Bread is so comforting and delicious with a hot mug of coffee, and you’ll love the crunchy nut topping!

Paleo Apple Cinnamon Bread

What is it about a warm buttered toast and a cup of coffee on a chilly morning that just gives ALL THE FEELZ? That’s what I’ve been doing for the past several days ever since making this delicious Paleo Apple Cinnamon Bread and it’s what’s been getting me out of bed when it’s usually too cold to.


This bread is just so yummy and I love that the apple flavor really shines through without it being overly sweet. It’s sweetened mostly with applesauce making it a healthy treat, unlike other similar breads I’ve tried which is overpowered by high amounts of sugar and doesn’t even taste like real apples at the end of it.

Paleo Apple Cinnamon Bread Paleo Apple Cinnamon Bread

The applesauce not only gives the bread flavor, it also creates a delicious moistness (sorry if you hate that word) so it won’t dry out even if you decide to toast the slices like I’ve been doing. And the crunchy nut topping with that soft fluffy bread is just the most delectable texture combo. Best of all, the prep time is less than 5 minutes, so most of the work to make this recipe is done by the oven. It’s definitely my kind of recipe!

I guest posted this Paleo Apple Cinnamon Bread recipe on Lauren Geertsen’s blog, Empowered Sustenance, so go check it out and let me know what you think:


Paleo Apple Cinnamon Bread

9 thoughts on “Paleo Apple Cinnamon Bread

  1. Emily @ Recipes to Nourish

    Oh yum! I love apple cinnamon bread but I’ve never made any. I’ll have to head over and check out the recipe. The bread looks so good!

  2. Irena Macri

    Oh, this slice looks like everything I need. I love using applesauce in breads regardless because of just how much moisture they bring to the table. This seems like the perfect amount of sweet!


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