treat candida

How to Treat Candida Naturally

Some of the major symptoms I've been suffering for over 3 years now have been bloating, fatigue, discomfort after eating, food allergies, sugar cravings, and sinus congestion and sneezing. It was ...
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ahi tuna steaks

Seared Ahi Tuna Steaks with Dipping Sauce

I believe this is the first time I ever cooked seared tuna steak (not to be confused with canned tuna) at home.  I've only eaten it at restaurants and it's ...
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Portobello Pizza

Pesto Portobello Pizza

Let's be real, here. As much as my dairy-free, gluten-free self hates to admit it, pizza is the best. I'm definitely a New Yorker at heart and I do enjoy ...
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Coconut Coffee Body Scrub

Several months ago, we decided to buy a new brand of coffee at the grocery because it was on sale. We've never tried it before and were excited to open the bag to ...
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Mexican Shakshuka

Mexican Shakshuka

Ohemgeeee, I love breakfast food! I'm not sure if it's the food itself (although, I DO love me some quality eggs in every form), or that I just get really ...
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causes adult acne

6 Common Causes of Adult Acne

I've had my fair share of acne and uneven skin tone in my early 20s on my face and on my back. If you told me to pose in front ...
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paleo horchata

Paleo Horchata

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I love any good excuse to feast on Mexican food, my favorite cuisine, and that's what this day is for me. Back in college, it also ...
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Chicken Liver Pâté

One thing I'm extremely thankful that my parents did in raising me was introducing organ meats at a young age. In my experience, most people I know who are fans of ...
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